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Jesse Rodkin's Best Attempts.

About Me.

Hello. My name is Jesse Rodkin. I am a freelance filmmaker and photographer, based in Washington Heights, Manhattan. I’ve had an inherent contemporary media love since the day I was born. When I was a toddler I would silently crawl out of my bed, into the living room, turn the television on, and have no complaints. My parents were fine with it. 


A recent graduate from SUNY University at Buffalo in Media Study (with a concentration in Video Production) and Photography. Lately I have been creating around the notions of stimulation addiction, media obsession, and the fear of being a youth-turned-adult in today’s world. With a generally experimental approach to filmmaking, I would call my “strengths” editing (in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere) and sound design, though I have studied and worked in most fields of the craft - I love writing, I love cinematography, and I usually love being on set. A dedicated and passionate worker, I have a unique sense of the definition of the word “professional.” My friends and I have created Lake Bottom Pictures, LLC, you should check it out.


I have also been studying and working in portraiture for a couple of years, with a good home studio. I have a strong passion for darkroom and analog work. Beyond silver-gelatin based printing, I have also tweaked and finished a working method of printing “Blue Van Dykes,” a successful mixture of Van Dyke prints and Cyanotype prints, two colored processes which normally end in a drab bleaching of each other (scans of which will be posted soon!).


I’m sorry, I know no one likes reading this much on the internet, but here we are.